South Sound Fandom

South Sound Fandom is the parent organization for Terracon, governed by a board of directors, and is a non-profit corporation doing business in the state of Washington. At this time, we are recognized as a 501(c)7 federally tax-exempt social organization with the Internal Revenue Service. Our first meeting of the Board of Directors was on June 28th, 1997, and as a result of that meeting and further Board meetings, we have: Our purpose and object is to promote science fiction fandom through an annual convention, Terracon, as well as to encourage charitable and educational activities in keeping with that purpose. Our board members have prior experience with other science fiction conventions such as Westercon 50, Norwescon, Anglicon, GeoCon, Corgageous NecroCon, and New Pacificon.

Our Current Board of Directors (3/2000):

Todd Clark, Corporate Secretary
Margaret "Mali" Kingsbury, Corporate Treasurer
Gary Martini
Robert Taylor, Chairman of the Board
Priscilla Verzola

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