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Terracon II

October 29-31 1999
Best Western Executive Inn, Fife, WA
Author Guest of Honor: Dave Duncan
Media Guest of Honor: TBA
Special Media Guest: Chris McDonell
Toastmaster: David Tackett
Registration: $20 through 10/15/99
$30 at door

Guests are subject to cancellation due to professional commitments.

What's New

We have a new guest, Chris McDonell, as well as updated price information through the convention.

We've gotten a hotel contract, and we are no longer adding dealers to our dealer's room (final list to be posted soon).

We added a writer GOH and another

We've had a wonderful convention with 328 of our best friends, and we've moved the old pages to an archive. More guest updates to follow!

We have a virtual pocket program of sorts for the convention. And do you want to find out where you can eat while you are here?

Terracon is a weapon free convention.

The long awaited programming update is here, along with our progress report.

Boy, aren't we busy? The guest list is updated, and we've sprinkled some hotel info through the site. We'll be issuing an e-prgoress report too for those who aren't going to be revisiting the site.

We've added guests who produced a Troma Team cult sci-fi classic and some dealer information.